Most homes are heated by means of furnaces or boilers. Furnaces heat the air, which is then distributed throughout the home via ductwork. Boilers are devices that use heat to produce hot water or steam. Steam is delivered to steam radiators via pipes, and baseboard radiators or radiant floor systems supply hot water, or it can be used to heat air via a coil. Steam boilers run at a higher temperature and are naturally less efficient than hot water boilers; still, Electron Systems provides high-efficiency versions of all types of furnaces and boilers. We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of furnace heaters in India. Situated in Bangalore, Karnataka, Electron Systems supplies heating Equipments throughout India including New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad etc.

Recognising the Efficiency Rating of Furnaces and Boilers

The yearly fuel usage efficiency of a central furnace or boiler is used to determine its efficiency (AFUE). The Federal Trade Commission mandates that the AFUE of new furnaces and boilers be displayed so that customers may compare the heating efficiency of different types. AFUE is a measurement of an appliance's efficiency in converting energy from fuel to heat over the course of a year.

AFUE is the ratio of the yearly heat output of the furnace or boiler to the total annual fossil fuel energy consumed. An AFUE of 90% implies that 90% of the energy in the fuel is converted to heat for the home, while the remaining 10% escapes up the chimney and elsewhere. When ducts are installed in the attic, garage or other partially conditioned or unconditioned room, heat losses in the duct system or pipe can account for up to 35 per cent of the energy used by the furnace.

With a furnace or boiler that is powered by electricity alone, there is no flue loss through the chimney. A furnace or boiler that only uses electricity has an AFUE rating between 95% and 100%. The lower values are for things that go outside because the jacket loses heat faster. Even though all-electric furnaces and boilers are very efficient, they are not a good choice in most of the country because electricity is so expensive. A heat pump might be what you require if you want to heat your home with electricity.

Retrofitting Your Furnace or Boiler

Retrofitting furnaces and boilers can improve their efficiency. These updates increase the safety and efficiency of older systems that are otherwise in good working order. Retrofit expenses should be compared to the cost of a new boiler or furnace, especially if replacement is expected within a few years or if you want to move to a different system for other reasons, such as installing air conditioning. If you have decided to upgrade your heating system, you can choose to use the most energy-efficient heating technology on the market.

Replacing Your Furnace or Boiler

The easiest thing to do is replace your old, worn-out, inefficient or way too big furnace or boiler with a new, high-efficiency model from Electron Systems. Old coal burners that have been changed to oil or gas, as well as natural gas furnaces with pilot lights instead of electronic ignitions, are good candidates for replacement. Newer systems may work better, but they are usually bigger and can be changed to limit how much they can do.

Before purchasing a new furnace or making changes to an old one, it is recommended that you first make your home more energy-efficient by adding insulation and/or new energy-efficient windows. Then, have a heating contractor measure the size of your furnace. With energy-efficiency upgrades, you may be able to buy a smaller furnace or boiler, which will save you money on a new furnace or boiler. You should choose a reliable unit and compare the warranties of each furnace or boiler you're thinking about. A furnace or boiler that's the right size will run the best. Electron Systems is one of the most renowned furnace heater manufacturers in India.

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