Mica Heaters

We are one of the leading organizations engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Industrial Heaters. These products are widely appreciated in the market for durability, high performance and easy installation features.

Mica Band Heater

Electron's reliable, inexpensive Mica Band heaters are best suited for uses involving low to moderate temperatures. Mica Bands are also offered in a wide variety of termination and clamping styles. Electron's Mica Bands feature thin construction and high quality insulation for effective heat transfer and excellent dielectric qualities.

Features & Benefits :

» Highest quality Mica used in all designs.
» Thin construction for maximum heat transfer.
» All bands are accurately rolled to the specified diameter for optimum contact.
» Oxidation-resistant metal enclosures.

Applications :

» Plastic Processing Machinery.
» Injection and Blow Moulding.
» Extruders & Many other applications.
» Many other Applications. (Medical, Lab-Equipments etc)

Mica Nozzle Heaters

Best Quality Mica for high dielectric strength and maximum heat transfer. High performance wound element for superior heat distribution 1 metre long stainless steel braided cable. Recommended for temperatures up to 300°C 240V.

Applications :

» Plastic process machinery,
» Injection / blow moulding,
» Rubber moulding test equipments
» Food process industry etc.

Features :

» Sheath material brass.
» Max.operating temp 280°C.
» Max.surface load 25w/sq. inch.
» Fiberglass or Teflon insulated SS mixed wire terminals.

Mica Jacket Heaters

We are completely engaged in manufacturing of Mica Jacket Band Heaters. These are fabricated to meet the industrial heating requirements for high temperature.

Features :

» Mica Jacket Heaters are Electron's Premium Product since so many yeears.
» Especially to heat the cylinders (barrel) on all types of plastic(s) Processing machinery.
» The key to Mica Jacket Heaters is its superior design to save power.

» Outer insulation jacket conserves energy.
» Upto 30% power consumption reduction.
» Maximum Watt Density = 50 watt/square inches.
» Note: In case where high watt densities are required, it is important that all heaters to be used with appropriate, approved & precise Temperature controller and Sensor(s) devices.
» Maximum Sheath temperature upto 800 °C.
» The Model is designed & constructed with special effect dual insulation which reduces the rate of heat rediation/loss, resulting swift rise in the temperature of the object to be heated.
» Uniform heat distrubution throughout the barrel.
» Good shine of your finished products.
» Increases Productivity.
» Mica jacket heaters meet progressive equirements of plastic processors.

Mica Strip Heaters

Electron's mica strip heaters are constructed with the highest quality material available. A resistance element is wound around a sheet of mica, insulated on both sides with mica, and then a sheet of coated steel is folded around the composite layers of mica.

Strip heaters are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. The most frequent use is to heat metal parts (such as dies and platens) by clamping one of the flat surfaces on the metal part. They are sometimes used as heaters for hoppers and other containers to heat the liquid or solid containers.

Mica Finned Strip Heaters

These are made as per your design and requirement. Finned strip heaters offer additional element surface for conduction of generated heat to air blast. It can be formed to concentraed heat. Fin Size 1.3/8" * 2 1/2". Also Available in ceramic insulation.